Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Style!!

I'm back!!! Sorry I have been gone for so long. I have been having a difficult time with my Mom passing away last year, but I wont get into that. I just feel I need to get back to blogging to get my mind off things. So I am back for now!! I hope you enjoy the following pictures as much as I do... This is my style!

If I had enough windows in my house, I would have every one treated as the pictures above. I hope you enjoyed them! I will try and get some additional pictures of my house up next week.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baroque Style

I wanted to do something a little different for this post I love the baroque Style, I decided to share some of my favorites!

I just love this cherub but as you all know I love all cherubs!

Don't you just love the ornate detail?

Just love all the black in this...

What a great idea to use a planter as a cooler....

I just love this table...

Love this bathroom...

There is something about this black and white design that speaks to me, what do you think?
I know this was a bit weird for me as a blog post but like I said they all inspire me. I hope you enjoyed the as much as I did!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

STUFF....And around the house!

Sorry I have been missing for a while, I've been working around the house getting ready for a big garage sale next weekend. The weather here in Athens Georgia has also been wonderful so of course I have been outdoors getting things done and enjoying the nice weather. I have decided tonight to post a few pictures I took outside and a few inside. Enjoy!

This is the table and chairs that most of you know about that I had to have and after much help from you all I decided I NEEDED it, I am so glad I bought it I just love it. Next time I will have it set for a tea party!

Ok, So I have this to die for furniture that is supposed to be indoors but I just love the way it looks outside. I do have the cushions for it and side arms so I am thinking someday I may spray it white and bring it up on the deck or inside. I purchased it from a man that brought it back from Paris France.

The cushions have a hard back and bottom and are stuffed and covered in muslin, same goes for the arms that fit into the slots you see on the arms. The back is cut out to fit.

I have 3 of these tables all have marble tops 2 white one ivory. I had these in my design studio a while back, what am I ever going to do with them. I was thinking of selling 2 on craigs list.

This wonderful bird bath was my moms it is now mine and sits in the front of my house in a garden that I am designing in memory of my mother. I will post a few of the flowers that are blooming then a picture of the front of my house.

Here is a picture of the front door. Jasmine and roses grow on the banister and around the door, it smells so good.

Now for a few things in the house 1st is a wonderful vintage heart pillow and the second one is a pillow that I made from old vintage linens and lace.

Here are 2 pictures that I have in my bathroom and the lace curtains that I purchased from Shabby Foo Foo, I just love them.

And the bathroom curtains. I know they are hard to see but I hope you enjoyed the little tour around the house.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding Day !!

I know this is not normally what we blog about but I decided because I think my wedding was so pretty in color with the girls dresses and flowers I would share. I got married last Easter Sunday! I have over 1500 pictures so I wont bore you too much (smile) just a few I promise. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did the day!

These are all my pretty bridesmaids, maid of honor and flower girl.

The beautiful flowers...oh they were so pretty!

Boys being boys!!
This is my handsome honey and our youngest, Ryan who was the best man

All the little guys, they all looked so cute all decked out!

He said "I DO"!!!!

I just love this picture!

My poor little nephew was allergic to the flowers, can you see?

Only 3 of our sons could make it to the wedding the other 2 had to work, :  (

The tables were so pretty. All the girls in the wedding party received pearl earrings, necklace's and bracelets. We decided to give all the girls that came to the wedding a pearl bracelet as well, they loved them. I wanted them to have something that would always remind them of our special day.

The entire wedding party...

Our table....

My sisters....ahhh... I love them soooooo much!!!

Flowers at the cocktail hour...

It was so pretty out side on the terrace...

The was so yummy!!

My Honey!!!

We got engaged in Venice, Italy....

The End.......