Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another great tea cup swap!

Thank you Dawn for the beautiful tea cup you sent all the way from the UK and all other other wonderful surprises. Dawn sent me this wonderful white tea cup along with a bag of select teas she picked just for me. She also made me this beautiful cherub, it is just so pretty... cherubs, she must know me. She sent a handmade card that I can see she put a lot of time into...Thank you so much Dawn for all the pretty items you sent, I love them all.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a few pretties!!

I was looking around on the web and found a few pretties that I wanted to share, enjoy! In a few days I'm going to post pictures of my bedroom and bathroom.

My bedroom looks a lot like the one above. I have the same bedding and the walls are painted a few shades lighter.

I love these chairs, how pretty would they look out in the garden?

Love this room, doesn't the blue and gold look so yummy together?

I just love this dress, even with no head! LOL

I would love to be sitting at this table having a afternoon tea party!

I've seen this chair around and would love to have it for my bathroom or bedroom, how about you?

This one would work as well!! I just love all the pretties that are out there. The bedding is custom made by Austin Horn. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do.

Monday, February 21, 2011

In Need Of Help!

OK, so here goes... I found this wonderful Victorian outdoor set at an auction house that I must have. Hubby gave me that "Do you really need that? (LOOK). I do, I need it bad. Its true Victorian and $600.00.
So this is where I need the help, who thinks its worth it and who doesn't? Do I really need it that bad or is just one of those crazy moments of "I need that" ! Please help!!  :  )

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Redesigned Dining Room!

I promised I would post pictures of my dining room so here they are. I just had surgery on my arm so it was a bit hard to hold the camera, not the best pictures but you get the idea of the look I'm going for. The room still needs work, I will repost when it's complete. Enjoy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Teacup Trade!!

I just wanted to share with everyone a teacup trade that I was in, it was hosted by Sharon at Please stop by this blog it is very beautiful and uplifting. I would like to share a few pictures of the wonderful goodies I received from my teacup partner!

My teacup partner was Suzanne at Shabby Chicks you can find her here
Please stop by her wonderful blog...

So... wow what a wonderful surprise when that big box came. It was filled with such wonderful goodies. I got these wonderful chocolate cups with a box of creamy chocolate mousse, not one but 2 teacups one that has a candle in it (now I can drink tea by candlelight and when its gone I have 2 teacups. She also included boxes of tea, shabby chic note cards and...this darling bird cage with little silver birdies sitting inside. I cannot thank Suzanne enough for her generosity, caring and thoughtfulness.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beautiful Rooms!

I found these pictures at the Country Living website and just fell in love with all of them, which is your favorite? I loved the dining room because it reminds me of my dining room that I just finished. I have an old white farm table and added chairs like the ones you see in the dining room below. I added a crystal chandelier and many of my cherub pictures that I posted. Enjoy! And thank you Country Living for the wonderful rooms.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Very Special Birthday!

My birthday was January 31st, I turned 46! Wow how ever did that happen LOL! So I am sitting at the kitchen table and the door bell rings, what to my wondering eyes did appear?? Beautiful flowers from my youngest son. They are so beautiful so I wanted to share them with everyone. I just want to say its not the flowers that I love, although I do love them but the card that he wrote to me. Me the big cry baby that I am sat here all day and cried every time I read the card, this is what it said. My son is just 21 years old.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a nice surprise! Thank you Kimberly at The Sterling Cherub for thinking of me and sending me this award!
Ok, lets see I have to list 7 things about myself!
1.  I am a big cry baby, if I see someone crying or someone living on the street I will cry for days. I even cry during sad movies.
2.  My favorite foods are Sushi ( cant get enough) and Mexican!
3.  I love the color pink~ I am a fanatic about my socks matching whatever shirt I am wearing, so you can imagine what my sock draw looks like.
4.  I love  antique baby clothes, before I had grandchildren I collected antique baby dresses and shoes. I also had a baby nursery in my house prior to having grandchildren.
5.  My husband is my best friend, he is my second husband we have only been married 10 months but dated 10 years. I didnt have a wedding the first time around so I did it up with the second.
6.  I love to read, I have read enough books to fill a library! Danielle Steele is my favorite!
7.  I always wanted to play the piano but never took lessons, its never too late right?

Thank you again Kimberly for thinking of me, it was an honor to get this award!