Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art And Statues Around My House!

 The Picture below is my favorite. My Mom passed away a few months ago and left this to me

 My Mom gave these to me as a gift.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these as much as I love looking at them every day.


Fishtail Cottage said...

Wow - those prints your mom gave you are beautiful & so enchanting! love them...

The Sterling Cherub said...

Wow, Lorene, you love cherubs like I do! I don't have such great statues around my place (nor such great art, for that matter!), but I do have cherubs scattered around. I have a rather large collection of blanc de chine cherub vases, but they are still packed away from when I moved to L.A. to finish school (I was not planning on being in this place long *famous last words*).

The piece shown in picture #7, the lady reclining on the chaise or bed with the cherubs floating around her? That is one of my favorite pieces of art EVER! It comes up once every blue moon for auction on eBay, and the seller usually wants so much $$$ for it that I don't bother bidding, or if they do start the bidding out at a reasonable amount, I so far have always lost out to a higher bidder. Makes me sad, because I would love to own that picture, but I am SO glad that you, my blogland twin soul, has it! It is a dreamy one isn't it?

So sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. The loss of a parent is HARD, and takes a long time to deal with. I don't think we ever "get over" it, but time does help heal. I lost my father in July 2009, and before that, my best friend's father (who I love dearly) died suddenly in February 2008, so its been a rough couple years there, and I am just now starting to feel like I'm coming out from under being so down all the time. I am happy you have some lovely pieces from your Mom, she sure knew your taste didn't she?!

Oh, and your blue settee? THUD! (<--- the sound of me hitting the floor) LOVE it! I am a major fan of blue of all shades, and love, love, love French-style settees, so you can imagine how I feel about your lovely little sofa. So sweet!



Cindy said...

Your artwork is beautiful, especially coming from your mom!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Lorene, we have so much of the same taste in decor, I have some of those same pictures and I absolutely love statues of ladies and cherubs, their all over our home... I really have TOO many, "glad my husband doesn't mind that our home is so feminine, he doesn't care how I decorate as long as I leave his Den alone,or as I call it MAN CAVE! So sorry to hear about your mom, it's really hard to lose a parent, my Dad passed years ago, it was a really bad time, your never forget, but time does help heal! I loved the tour of you beautiful things, hope you have a wonderful week!
hugs~~ Daphne

Susan said...

Those prints your mother gave you are gorgeous!! I am sorry about the loss of your mother! Hugs.

LadyCat said...

I absolutely love your style of decorating! Your prints are gorgeous and I love the statues, too. Your bedroom looks very similar to our master bedroom. I know how precious the gifts from your dear Mother must be. I have a few things from mine, too. They will be treasures forvever. Thank you for sharing your lovely things with us : )

Victoria said...

Oh gosh, this might be the most impressive cherub collection I've seen yet! Gorgeous treasures!!!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, how my heart is palpating over all these yummy pictures! I soooo adore cherubs myself! Wonderful prints and the cherub figurine is awesome!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Something Special said...

I have just stumbled on the most beautiful blog I have ever seen. I love cherubs too. I love your Art pieces and all your cherubs. I am so sorry I did not get in on your giveaway. And Happy Birthday to you in a few more days. My Birthday is in February and so this is one of the reasons for my giveaway too. Come say hi if you have the time and check out my giveaway.

Pearl said...

Such wonderful keepsakes from your mother. Your home looks absolutely lovely.
Thanks for sharing your treasures with us.

The Sterling Cherub said...

Hey Lorene!

I just wanted you to know that I am sharing a blogging award with you! Go to this post on my blog for details:

Could not think of a better person to share with!


The Sterling Cherub said...

Me again, Lorene!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! I cannot wait to see your post with your "7 things" ... remember to copy the picture of the award button to put on your blog.

Have a safe return trip!



Zaa said...

Your picture collection is outstanding.... Lovely decorative elements ... Would really suit my place ( ha Ha) ... Thanks for sharing..

Susan said...

Loved looking at all your art and statuary. The cherubs are soooo sweet. Thanks! Susan